Wednesday, April 8, 2015

To Blog or Not To Blog

Good morning! We hope that everyone is having a great week, and that you are enjoying the warmer temperatures. With spring comes the spring thunderstorms, and we hope that, if you are where these will be hitting, that you take precautions and stay safe. There is so much more of life to enjoy out there still!

The internet has made things so much easier in many ways, and not so in others. Take blogging. The ability to write something down and send it out for others to read. To do short, little stories (or long ones, depends!) and to leave a piece of yourself out for others to read, and to hopefully understand you a little bit better.

There are many different types of blogs out there these days, and so many different reasons to blog. There are the fashion blogs...and there are a lot of these. And some of these bloggers become famous, and have huge followings. There are the personal blogs, where individuals just write about things that are important to them at the present time. Some businesses blog about upcoming events or specials they may be having. And then, there are the paranormal teams, many of which do blog frequently. This can be about an upcoming investigation, or event. About a new piece of equipment. About getting people's ideas regarding something or other. About a new article posted in the news. Or about hundreds of other items, each very different, and sometimes very similar to each other.

But how do these blogs get started, and are maintained. For each person, it can be quite different. There are those that can just sit down and write about anything. There are those that sit with a specific purpose and follow that outline until completed. And than there are those that seem to have to wait for a specific idea to form before being able to sit down and type. This type often revises while typing, adding or altering as a new formula comes to mind. These types of blogs can take a long time to do, as the person writing reads and rereads, often adding more as a new idea forms. It can be very stressful sometimes to make it say just what you mean, and to make sense to someone else who would previously not have any idea what you were talking about.

So, you sit down. You put fingers on the keyboard and you type out your thoughts, in whatever fashion you follow. You proofread it, and know that it is exactly what you want it to say. And than you hit that button that says "Publish"  There it is, out there for all the world to see and to read. Next you sit back and wonder what people will think of it. Will they agree, disagree? You wait for a response.....and nothing. No comments. You post to Facebook, or Twitter, or any other social media network that you use. You let them know that this new, exciting, and enlightening post is out there for them to read! And you wait....still nothing.

Did they not read it? Did anyone read it? Did you spend all this time writing for yourself? Does anyone even care that you are spending the time to do this writing? You have no way of knowing at all which, if any of these are correct. So should you keep doing this? Let it go? Post more often, or less often? There is no way of knowing the answer. We are all guilty of reading a blog and than moving on. Even if we enjoyed what was being said. Even if what was written makes our blood boil from anger. We just move on.

No blogger wouldn't welcome a healthy debate regarding the subject of their writing. But unless someone comments, that will never happen. And some day, the blog (which you might really enjoy reading) might just dry up and blow away. So the next time you read a blog, why not consider making a comment, even if just to let the person know that you read it. It will make their day better, and maybe encourage them to keep on writing about other things, many of which you will probably enjoy. Oh, and while you are at it, why not drop a comment on here, so we know that you are reading our blog as well! We would appreciate it greatly.

Have a great rest of the week!!!

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