Wednesday, April 8, 2015

To Blog or Not To Blog

Good morning! We hope that everyone is having a great week, and that you are enjoying the warmer temperatures. With spring comes the spring thunderstorms, and we hope that, if you are where these will be hitting, that you take precautions and stay safe. There is so much more of life to enjoy out there still!

The internet has made things so much easier in many ways, and not so in others. Take blogging. The ability to write something down and send it out for others to read. To do short, little stories (or long ones, depends!) and to leave a piece of yourself out for others to read, and to hopefully understand you a little bit better.

There are many different types of blogs out there these days, and so many different reasons to blog. There are the fashion blogs...and there are a lot of these. And some of these bloggers become famous, and have huge followings. There are the personal blogs, where individuals just write about things that are important to them at the present time. Some businesses blog about upcoming events or specials they may be having. And then, there are the paranormal teams, many of which do blog frequently. This can be about an upcoming investigation, or event. About a new piece of equipment. About getting people's ideas regarding something or other. About a new article posted in the news. Or about hundreds of other items, each very different, and sometimes very similar to each other.

But how do these blogs get started, and are maintained. For each person, it can be quite different. There are those that can just sit down and write about anything. There are those that sit with a specific purpose and follow that outline until completed. And than there are those that seem to have to wait for a specific idea to form before being able to sit down and type. This type often revises while typing, adding or altering as a new formula comes to mind. These types of blogs can take a long time to do, as the person writing reads and rereads, often adding more as a new idea forms. It can be very stressful sometimes to make it say just what you mean, and to make sense to someone else who would previously not have any idea what you were talking about.

So, you sit down. You put fingers on the keyboard and you type out your thoughts, in whatever fashion you follow. You proofread it, and know that it is exactly what you want it to say. And than you hit that button that says "Publish"  There it is, out there for all the world to see and to read. Next you sit back and wonder what people will think of it. Will they agree, disagree? You wait for a response.....and nothing. No comments. You post to Facebook, or Twitter, or any other social media network that you use. You let them know that this new, exciting, and enlightening post is out there for them to read! And you wait....still nothing.

Did they not read it? Did anyone read it? Did you spend all this time writing for yourself? Does anyone even care that you are spending the time to do this writing? You have no way of knowing at all which, if any of these are correct. So should you keep doing this? Let it go? Post more often, or less often? There is no way of knowing the answer. We are all guilty of reading a blog and than moving on. Even if we enjoyed what was being said. Even if what was written makes our blood boil from anger. We just move on.

No blogger wouldn't welcome a healthy debate regarding the subject of their writing. But unless someone comments, that will never happen. And some day, the blog (which you might really enjoy reading) might just dry up and blow away. So the next time you read a blog, why not consider making a comment, even if just to let the person know that you read it. It will make their day better, and maybe encourage them to keep on writing about other things, many of which you will probably enjoy. Oh, and while you are at it, why not drop a comment on here, so we know that you are reading our blog as well! We would appreciate it greatly.

Have a great rest of the week!!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

What Is It All About?

Mother Nature still can't decide what she wants to do. The last few days here have been really nice, today is suppose to be as well, and than tomorrow just a few degrees cooler. What happens next week is anyone's guess. We hope that, where ever you are, you are staying safe and warm. Know the East Coast is suppose to be hit hard. Be careful, no matter where you are.

New year, new hopes, new goals. We all have them. Some fail, some are so-so, and some succeed. Which one of your goals will you meet this year? Which one will you alter slightly? Which one will you toss out entirely? Only you will know, so continue to strive the best that you can towards your goals, and don't be afraid to alter them along the way. You never know what might happen.

New teams are always showing up, older teams drop off, and some teams just become stagnant along the way. Television and social media has probably been the best, and worse things that has happened to the field of paranormal research. They have allowed exposure to the world of paranormal to so many people, and have paved a way to allow those that have had experiences in their homes to know that they are not freaks and they are not alone. They have allowed teams to network with others, to reach out to people who do not know how to contact teams for help. They have allowed friendships to be developed, and unfortunately have been the demise of several long-term friendships. They have shown the best and the worse of the field. The best and the worse of people. But through it all, have we forgotten the real reason many of us came to this field.

Social media has probably caused the greatest explosion into the field. Through the use of social media, teams have been able to come together for join investigations. Teams can now network for learning opportunities. And teams have the ability to help direct someone in need of help to a team in a closer region. Teams "like" other teams to help show support as well as a means of networking and allowing their own team more exposure. Teams put up on their pages photos and video clips, often wanting honest responses from others in the field. Through social media, exposure to historical locations have bloomed, increasing the traffic to the locations, thru increasing the funds many of these locations need to restore these buildings, and thereby keeping history intact.

But all hasn't been positive in this field. There seems to be an increasing "battle" over what is right and acceptable these days. People "fighting" over what may or may not be in a photo, being heard on an audible clip, or be showing or not on a video clip. I don't think anyone minds a comment, but shouldn't that be enough? Because you are behind a computer screen, does that give you the right to constantly be at someone else who thinks different than you? You see it all the time, people being blocked from groups because of such actions. Are we not all still learning? And shouldn't we take advantage of what others have to offer?

The biggest talk lately has been the newest paranormal show they are working to produce. Now, we all would love to be the next Ghost Hunters, but alas, that just isn't going to happen. And would we really want to be? Where our love for what we do turns into a job? But I wander from the topic slightly. This new show will supposedly show people searching for the unknown while they, well, wear the unknown. Seriously? This will promote this field how? Running around in the buff, searching for ghosts? This will only make us look like a bunch of idiots, and will reflect poorly on the field of paranormal as a whole. Lets hope they at least have the presence to wear shoes.

This may all seem like a bit of rambling, but it really  isn't. The field of the Paranormal is new and expanding. No one is an expert, and no one knows all the answers. We can all learn from others, from talking and watching how others investigate. You don't have to agree with everyone, just walk away from them and keep quiet. Join with those that share the same values and ideas that you do, those that you can converse with like intelligent adults, knowing that you will not always agree, but agree to disagree and move along. Maybe we should all remember just why we started this in the first place. To see what was out help those in develop new ideas.........and to try to promote the field as one that is professional in nature. Do No Harm. Kinda a good idea to follow, isn't it.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Leaves, Another Steps Up

It is just a few hours away, and for us all, we wonder what will happen in the new year. Have you made your resolutions yet? For many of us, they are usually the loose weight, to make more money, to spend more time with family and friends. We go into the year with high hopes, and they sometimes last and they sometimes don't. But at least we tried! What are your resolutions this year?

As the old year gets ready to end, we take the time to reflect on the months that are past. Were they good ones? Productive ones? Not so good ones? For each of us, the answer will be different. But for all, they make up who we are, as a person and as a team.

For our team, it was once again a year of change. We added new team members, had the chance to investigate new locations, made new friends, and renewed old friendships. We managed to survive the cold of Ashmore and achieved more results than we thought possible. We did return investigations to several locations, all of which were a lot of fun. We laughed, ate, laughed some more, and had a good time doing something which we so love to do. We continued to learn with each new investigation, added some new equipment, and learned more about each other on our team.

Not everything was good though. We did have a team member who just didn't have enough time to devote to this endeavor, and he has stepped back for a while. And just recently, one of our team members has become very sick, and our thoughts and prayers are with him.

So what will we look forward to in the new year? Continuing to grow as a team. We already have a couple of investigations lined up, including a return to Ashmore. We plan to see if the spirits will be as active when it isn't freezing! Plus a new location which we look forward to checking out. We have a planned activity which, if it works out, will really gel us as a team. We are working on some other investigations into new locations. We will, of course, be available to help those that contact us with a need. We hope there will be some more new equipment, good food to eat, and some really fun times. Did I mention some more days filled with laughter and good times? Because without that, this becomes work, and not something that we enjoy.

We hope for each of you a year filled with good times, happiness, and time spent with family and friends. We all hope to catch that piece of evidence which will set the paranormal world on its ear! And we hope that we are all able to help those in need. It is our sincere wish that we can meet a lot of you in the new year, and continue to develop our relationships as well as friendships with others that enjoy this crazy world of the paranormal.

We hope that you all have a safe night of celebrating, because we really want to first meet you in this world, not the afterworld!

So as we prepare to leave 2014 behind, we say thank you for the memories. As for 2015...bring it on! Because the next year is gonna rock! And we are so ready for the challenges it will bring.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ghosts Of Christmas Past

Good morning everyone. Hope you are having a great day, and looking forward to an even better weekend. And if you are where the snow is about to hit, we hope that you keep yourself safe and warm. We have investigations to do together yet!

As we come to the close of this year (and where did it go!) we always take the time to reflect on where we have been, and think about where we want to head in the next year. Each year brings new learning, new investigations, new friends, and we hope a better understanding of the mysterious realm of the paranormal.

This time of the year, the world is starting to turn bright....brightly colored lights that is. Everywhere, the trees are up, the decorations hung, the presents wrapped, and the food cooking...can't you just smell those cookies! We prepare to celebrate the year passing, and also the year yet to be. And with it, all the goodness that we wish for everyone, and the prayers for a happy life.

But sometimes, don't you stop and think about those departed, and what they may be feeling this time of the year. We all know about the different forms of "hauntings." The intelligent we hope to interact with each time we go out. The residual we often wonder about, as we can't "see" what they do, so we are left unsure if they are interacting with us, or just going through their lives. And if they are, ever wonder what part they choose/are forced to relive?

Scrooge was visited by the spirits of 3 ghosts. I don't really know many people who would want to be visited by the ghost of Christmas yet to we really want to know what will happen to us in the future? I doubt many truly want to know of their own demise, and how the world turns out once they are gone. Most of us know exactly the present, even if we don't want to admit to it. Oh, but the ghosts of Christmas that is an interesting one. But what if, instead of our past, we could be visited by the ghosts of the spirit's past. Now that would be an interesting one to have happen. To be able to see where that spirit lived, and how they lived, maybe how they died, how they ended up "stuck" in this location, and more importantly, why they remain.

If you were to pick a point in your life to be "stuck" forever, what would it be? As a child, playing carefree, with no responsibility except to mind and keep your room clean (yeah, always a problem.) As a teen, with the thought that you knew it all, but you really didn't, but young enough to not care. As an early adult, still young enough to be carefree, but smart enough to know what you need to be doing. As an middle-age adult, with knowledge learned through years of working and living. Or as an older adult, still young at heart, if not young in body any longer, but with the pain that comes from living a life full of love and sorrow, joy and disappointment, and possibly death of many loved ones. Would you select Christmas, filled with so much joy and happiness? Or would this season leave you with too many memories that would make your not-beating heart break each day? Or would this season be the one time that you could move from a residual to an intelligent spirit, so you could enjoy what the season has to bring?

This season, as you put up the tree, string the lights, and bake the goodies, take a few minutes to remember all those that have already moved into another realm. Imagine, even for a moment, that that soul can see and smell all there is which surrounds this season. And when you feel that small breeze that touches your cheek, just imagine that they are saying thanks for giving them another memory to hold on to for all time.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Its Been A While

Today, someone made the comment that it had been a year since our last blog. And in looking, we find that it has been almost a year. 11 months. Much too long of a time between writing. And as we sit here thinking of the reason, well it is very clear. Time, it seems, is speeding along faster than we would like for it to. The sun comes up and it sets, and one day turns into the next. And the things which we must do to survive this thing called life takes the lead. And the things we want to do get pushed towards the back. Work, family, the seasons, and yes even paranormal investigations all add up to sometimes too many hours which you try to cram into those 60 minutes which make up each hour, and those 24 hours which make up each day. The song says there is "too much month at the end of the money." Sometimes for us, there are too many jobs at the end of the day. And after working, and cooking, and cleaning, and reading stories to the children as we tuck them into bed just doesn't leave enough energy for sitting down and writing words onto the screen. But there is more than just that. A blank mind.

Recently, one of our team members said to someone that they work with, "say what you mean and mean what you say." It isn't enough just to put words on the paper. The words have to mean something, to you and to others. Filling up a page with random words which go no where means, well, exactly nothing. Sit in front of the screen and nothing useful comes to mind. And the screen remains blank. But there comes a time when the thoughts just jump into the mind, and well, those are the times that the words just seem to flow. And, my friends, this is the night.

The world has been a bit crazy lately. The threats to our nation and even our state are very real. And one just never knows where things will be tomorrow. And with this, the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year, often insecurity tends to cloud our hopes and our dreams. Will we be able to heat the house this winter? Can we pay the taxes on time? Will our jobs be here with the new year? Will we be able to give our kids a nice Christmas? And even though we are not about to minimize these worries, we need to stop and think about all the good that we have in our lives. Our family, our friends, our jobs, and the hope that the next year will be a great one. And the pleasure of doing something which we so enjoy doing, and helping others in the process.

We had a team meeting today. To be able to get together with others and discuss things. To eat too much, laugh a lot, argue a bit, and talk about what we want in the future for, not only ourselves, but for our team. This past year has been yet another building one. We have added members, and had a few that just do not have the time to give what is necessary to the team. We have visited some fantastic places! We have done a final investigation at a location which is closing. We even froze together at the wonderful location of Ashmore Estates. We have worked with other teams, shared ideas and thoughts, and worked on making our team stronger. And we don't intend to stop now.

We have some solid plans for next year. We have some tentative plans for next year. And we have some plans which probably won't go off at all for next year. We have some things we plan to try, and we might just end up falling on our face. Or we might just manage to soar high. We might catch the "holy grail" of paranormal, or we might sit for hours in a dark building listening to only our stomachs talk to us. But the important thing...we will be doing something that we love to do. With people we enjoy spending time with. This "hobby" isn't for the faint of heart. It takes dedication (who really enjoys sitting listening for hours to the hum of a recorder,) missing events others are able to attend (you really didn't want a piece of cake anyway, did you?) having less money in your pocket (batteries do add up!) and having people tell you that you shouldn't "mess with" the unknown. But see, that is what makes this all so great. Not knowing what will happen, what results you will get. But knowing that, through it all, you will be doing something that you enjoy doing with people who feel the same way you do. And we, along with so many others in this field, will continue to sit in the dark, talking to someone who we can't see...for just as long as we are able. And than will get together to plan yet another outing where we will repeat the process over again and again.

So we hope that you enjoy your time spent among family and friends. Eat some good food, laugh a lot, remember those less fortunate, and be thankful for all the blessings you have been given. And....we will try to get back with you a lot sooner than 11 months next time!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

We hope that everyone has had a wonderful and safe holiday season. That your fondest Christmas memories were made this previous Christmas, and that your entry into the new year was a safe and joyous one. But we would like to pause to hope that the warm feelings, the kinder looks, the charitable giving, and the hopes of the Christmas season will continue to bloom inside of you over the next year. Giving and compassion are something that we should strive to achieve every day of the year. Need knows no season, and winter is just now setting in. So please continue to think of those who have so much less than you do, and do what you can to help them make it to another day or month, to know less hunger, to know less cold, and to know that they are not forgotten by others.

A new year always sets people to thinking of new goals. We all make those resolutions of things they would like to achieve in the coming year. And our team is no different. We finished 2013 with a bang. Got our website updated with the last investigation in just the nick of time...whew! And we were able to end the year spending it with those that mean the most to us. We had the pleasure to work with some outstanding teams. We added new team members. We worked to learn new equipment. We worked to make our team the one we want it to be. We researched, traveled, laughed, ate some amazing dishes, and helped out in our community and our world. We are very proud of what we have accomplished in the previous year. But now we are in a new year, and are getting geared up for what it will bring.

Our amazing case manager has already set up some tentative investigations, some waiting for the weather to improve. We will soon have a team meeting to decide on our group trip and investigation this year. And we think we know where it will be, and it will be amazing! And we will be putting together a plan of where we would like our team to be come this time next year, and what we have to do to make that happen. It will be work, but we have never steered away from that. And we plan to improve along the way, as individuals as well as a team.

There are a lot of things you can hope to accomplish in this new year. Sometimes a person makes goals so far from their reach that they give up before they even start trying. Sometimes the goals are too easy, and not worth the effort, making a person not strive harder towards the next one. So what you need to do is meet yourself somewhere in the middle...have to work for it without having to climb to the stars to achieve the goal. And this is where we plan to be.

We hope to continue to handle investigations for homeowners, as helping others to be comfortable in their own homes is one of the greatest parts of this job. We plan to revisit some of our favorite locations, to see if things have changed, or to continue with what we started. Obviously helping the community is an important goal for us, so something to help out our community, state, or world will definitely be in the cards. We plan to continue to add to our assortment of equipment, and that always requires a learning curve! so that will be on the agenda as well.

We also plan to continue the friendships we have made in the past year, and to strengthen those made in previous years. To share with other teams and to learn from them as well. To help build bonds that go way beyond darkness and entities, DVRs and dowsing rods. To spend as much time enjoying being together as we do investigating buildings and locations. To encourage others with a passion for what we do, and to help promote those with endeavors that will help boost the entire field into its own dimension. To not let the past rear its ugly head, and to stand strong as a team against those which would try to tear us apart.

Everyone is looking for that one piece of evidence that will convince the non-believers of the existence of spirits. And we want to find that too. But we refuse to allow this search to blind us to what is most important, the living. So here is to a year full of fun and fellowship, eating too much wonderful food at out-of-the-way places, laughter and joy, family and friends, and the hope that we will all find that this year will be the best one every.

Happy New Year everyone...and may you have your best year ever too!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How Intelligent Is Intelligent?

Hey everyone! We hope that you are enjoying this beautiful morning. The rain of yesterday was greatly appreciated and much needed for the moisture. And since it cooled things down, that was an added bonus. The sun is shining and it is time to start a new day. We hope for everyone that it is one of the best days ever for everyone out there!

We are 3/4 of the way through July, and where does the time go? Even though the weather has cooled a bit, our team and our activities have not. We are reviewing our latest investigation, and hope to have it presented to the client soon. We are making plans for our Crystal Grill event in September, and hope to see a lot of you there. And we have an auction basket up at Blue Cross/Blue Shield, which we hope brings in lots of money for a very good cause.

The main reasons for using the equipment we do is so that we can review what we see and hear, hear and see what we didn't at the time, and to present that evidence to the client and to the people who are interested enough to view it. Sometimes we get what we deem good results, and sometimes not so much. But we keep trying. If we capture something we can't explain, we try to determine if it is a residual or an intelligent spirit we are interacting with. Everyone understands residual haunts. But just how intelligent is an intelligent spirit? This question really came to the prominence during our last investigation and some of the K2 hits that we had.

Often, teams state that names of team members are spoken during EVP sessions, and heard during review of audio. One member of our team hears her name quite often. And a friend has recorded his name being said multiple times. So how is this possible? Are the spirits following people around from investigation to investigation? Do they tell their friends in the spirit world who is in "their house" and hence the names? Or is it something else, something we just don't understand. And do the spirits interact with us, even if we call them by the wrong name?

During our last investigation, we were given a tour of the house, and history was related. The homeowner told us of a story about how a girl had died while living in the house in the 1950's. Whether she died in the house or not, she did not know. And she gave us her name, we will call her Mary for now. During our EVP session, we asked Mary if she was present, and our K2 meter responded. We asked more questions about having died while living in the house, and we had responses. We asked for other names we were given, but got no responses. We also used our Ovilus, and in asking for names, we received several, including one which was repeated multiple times, we will call her Sarah for now. Several words were repeated multiple times during the investigation, in multiple rooms, and almost without fail, in the same order. How is this possible? We hoped to find out.

In doing research in the house, which we have not totally completed to date, we found that the name of the girl which was to have died in the 1950's was incorrect, as this person was alive in the 1990's. So does that make these clips invalid? Maybe, but maybe not. We have an idea about this, and hope to be able to research to find if it is possible.

In doing the session, we were asking for the girl who died while living in the house. Could the spirit be intelligent enough to realize we had gotten the name wrong, but wanted to interact with us? Could it be that every time we called the wrong name, she knew we were wanting to speak to her, so she responded? And during the Ovilus, could she have been giving us the correct name of the girl who died? Is it possible that the spirits want to help us find our mistakes that it would do something like this? And is this part of the reason that some people have their name called over and over again, that the spirits want to communicate in ways we had not previously believed possible? We don't know, but hope to have more answers on this very soon. So maybe the next time we get something that doesn't quite add up, we can delve a bit more into it and see just how intelligent the spirits might be and how they are trying to help us, even from beyond.