Monday, January 26, 2015

What Is It All About?

Mother Nature still can't decide what she wants to do. The last few days here have been really nice, today is suppose to be as well, and than tomorrow just a few degrees cooler. What happens next week is anyone's guess. We hope that, where ever you are, you are staying safe and warm. Know the East Coast is suppose to be hit hard. Be careful, no matter where you are.

New year, new hopes, new goals. We all have them. Some fail, some are so-so, and some succeed. Which one of your goals will you meet this year? Which one will you alter slightly? Which one will you toss out entirely? Only you will know, so continue to strive the best that you can towards your goals, and don't be afraid to alter them along the way. You never know what might happen.

New teams are always showing up, older teams drop off, and some teams just become stagnant along the way. Television and social media has probably been the best, and worse things that has happened to the field of paranormal research. They have allowed exposure to the world of paranormal to so many people, and have paved a way to allow those that have had experiences in their homes to know that they are not freaks and they are not alone. They have allowed teams to network with others, to reach out to people who do not know how to contact teams for help. They have allowed friendships to be developed, and unfortunately have been the demise of several long-term friendships. They have shown the best and the worse of the field. The best and the worse of people. But through it all, have we forgotten the real reason many of us came to this field.

Social media has probably caused the greatest explosion into the field. Through the use of social media, teams have been able to come together for join investigations. Teams can now network for learning opportunities. And teams have the ability to help direct someone in need of help to a team in a closer region. Teams "like" other teams to help show support as well as a means of networking and allowing their own team more exposure. Teams put up on their pages photos and video clips, often wanting honest responses from others in the field. Through social media, exposure to historical locations have bloomed, increasing the traffic to the locations, thru increasing the funds many of these locations need to restore these buildings, and thereby keeping history intact.

But all hasn't been positive in this field. There seems to be an increasing "battle" over what is right and acceptable these days. People "fighting" over what may or may not be in a photo, being heard on an audible clip, or be showing or not on a video clip. I don't think anyone minds a comment, but shouldn't that be enough? Because you are behind a computer screen, does that give you the right to constantly be at someone else who thinks different than you? You see it all the time, people being blocked from groups because of such actions. Are we not all still learning? And shouldn't we take advantage of what others have to offer?

The biggest talk lately has been the newest paranormal show they are working to produce. Now, we all would love to be the next Ghost Hunters, but alas, that just isn't going to happen. And would we really want to be? Where our love for what we do turns into a job? But I wander from the topic slightly. This new show will supposedly show people searching for the unknown while they, well, wear the unknown. Seriously? This will promote this field how? Running around in the buff, searching for ghosts? This will only make us look like a bunch of idiots, and will reflect poorly on the field of paranormal as a whole. Lets hope they at least have the presence to wear shoes.

This may all seem like a bit of rambling, but it really  isn't. The field of the Paranormal is new and expanding. No one is an expert, and no one knows all the answers. We can all learn from others, from talking and watching how others investigate. You don't have to agree with everyone, just walk away from them and keep quiet. Join with those that share the same values and ideas that you do, those that you can converse with like intelligent adults, knowing that you will not always agree, but agree to disagree and move along. Maybe we should all remember just why we started this in the first place. To see what was out help those in develop new ideas.........and to try to promote the field as one that is professional in nature. Do No Harm. Kinda a good idea to follow, isn't it.