Monday, December 24, 2012

The Night Before Christmas

Where has the year gone? It seems like it has flown by, and it definitely has been a very busy one for our team.  There has been ups and downs, but we have survived and done the best we could to rise above the conflicts. And we all survived the end of the world!!!!!

We still have 2 investigations to get through evidence. Life just keeps getting in the way, and making it hard to find the time to get together as a team to do this. But hopefully after the first of the year, when things slow down a bit, we will get this done. But be sure to stop by and see what we have gotten accomplished this year. We are very proud of it. And we keep looking into places and events for the coming year. It is going to be a wonderful year, and you won't want to miss it!

This time of year makes people think about the ones around them, and the ones that have already gone on. The season is not about what you can get, but rather about what you can give. Be it a gift, a smile, a surprise telephone call, or even just a hug, giving of ones self is the greatest gift one can present to people. Pick up someone's dinner tab, drop an extra bill in the kettle, support the local food pantry, or help someone out at the gas will make an impact on someone's life, even if you may never actually see it. The Season has a meaning, and it is the love that you show others...and the joy you can bring to someone else in your life. So hug your family a bit extra this year, be grateful for what you have, and remember those less will make the Season even better!

Remembering Christmas past causes one to remember those that have departed. And do you ever wonder if they drop back in to see what you are doing during this wonderful time of the year? They used to say that, at midnight, you can hear the animals talking. Have you ever stayed up to see if that happened? I must confess, I have tried, but always managed to fall asleep. But is it possible? And is it also possible for the spirits to walk this night as well. Have you ever been sitting, looking at the tree and feel that rush of air next to your cheek? Could it be your Grandmother, or Great-Grandmother dropping in to let you know that they remember you? That twinkle of the lights that just calls to mind your Aunt, you know, the one that used to bake cookies with you. Did she just whisper in your ear and tell you she loves you? Did you ever reach to rub your ear when you were in that half-sleep/half-awake state...could that have been your favorite dog giving you another kiss?

We spend our time looking for the paranormal, trying to find evidence to show that spirits do exist. Maybe, just maybe, they are also trying to tell us that they do, but in a different way than we have become used to. Maybe they miss the celebrations and want to be apart of them once again. Maybe they miss the cookies, and the turkey, and the brightly lit tree. And maybe they miss us just as much as we miss them. So this year, when you have one of those strange things happen that you can just not explain, remember who it might be, and tell them that you miss will make their day as much as it will make yours.

From our team, our friends, our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas...and hope for you the best the Season has to offer. Blessings on you and yours, and we wish for you a wonderful new year!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

History and Poor Farms

Good morning, and we hope that everyone is having a great day! Saw some of that white stuff the other day, but the weather is getting better again, and we hope it stays away for a while longer.

We have another investigation this weekend, weather pending. When it gets too cold, our equipment doesn't work as well, and neither do our fingers. But it is suppose to be decent, so we will do our best. We have a reveal next week, and with that will be winding down our activities for the year. Oh, we still have to do some reviews, but don't have any more investigations planned until after the beginning of the year. But we do have some plans, which include spending time with our families and friends, watching too many sporting events, eating too much food, and having a lot of laughs. Yep, definitely a way to celebrate the holidays. We hope that each of you, our readers, have some similiar plans this holiday season. And that you have the best Christmas ever.

But as our investigation slows down this year, our minds continue to race ahead. We have several investigations we are looking into for 2013, and as we have mentioned before, several events we are planning to host. And that all important group trip to some interesting location. This allows us to visit a place a bit further away than normal, but more importantly, allows us more time to just hang out and enjoy the company of our fellow team members. And as we get to know each other better, our ability to work together will improve, and that will make us a better team.

As was alluded to on Facebook, we are looking at an interesting structure to investigate next year. We have had the pleasure to investigate at Prairie View many times, and this building just calls our names. Unfortunately, it seems that being able to return there is closing, and we will miss our "friends" we have come to know that reside in the building. As you know, Prairie View was at one time the Lewis County Home, or Poor Farm. It cared for many people unable to care for themselves. We have also had the opportunity to investigate a home which was located on ground that once held another county poor farm. The building is long gone, but the memories still remain. Or do they?

In researching, this writer found out that many people do not know anything about the Poor Farms which were located in their county. And the younger generation doesn't even know what a Poor Farm is. Abet, most of the "middle age" generation only knows the term...going to the poor farm...but even that is lacking in the younger generation. So what does that hold for the history which is contained in these buildings?

A lot of states had state-supported Poor Farms, where those that did not have the resources to care for themselves were allowed to stay. They worked, if able, to help support the farm, and many persons remained there until they died. Remember, this was before the advent of the current Welfare system. Many opened after the passage of the Civil War, which destroyed homes and lives, some people not able to ever recovery from the loss. And some people might think that these structures are best left in the past. But we don't feel this way. Being a paranormal investigator includes doing the research on the past, as well as searching for the current inhabitants of a building. From learning about the past, we can help determine the future, so to speak. We have worked with several historical agencies to give them our research into the Poor Farms, so it can be added to their records. Why do we feel this is important? Because it is a part of our past, and the past should never be forgotten. Good or bad, it makes us what we are today. And if something this critical is forgotten, how long before other parts of the past are erased? This information, being added, will now be available for generationsto come  to research, and hopefully enjoy. As a reminder of where we have been, and how far we have come. And we hope that this small gesture will help make the entities that still inhabit these areas a little happier, knowing that they will not be forgotten.

Monday, November 19, 2012

It ain't just chasing ghosts

Good morning to all. It is getting close to Turkey Day, and we wanted to take the time to give thanks for what we have received. To all of our friends and family, thank you for understanding our commitment to this endeavor. We know that we spend thousands of hours doing what we love, talking about what we do, and spending time away from those that matter to us. And we have your understanding in all of this. To our fellow investigators, we thank you for the time spent networking with us, for bouncing ideas off of you and you of us, and for taking the time to get to know us and allow us to know you. And above all, we thank the Creator for giving us all the blessings we have. So on Thursday, spend a bit of time remembering just what you have to be thankful for, and give an extra hug to all those that you have near you and a prayer for all those that have already gone on.

We have remained very busy lately. Did an investigation at the Crystal Grill over the weekend. April is a wonderful person and we appreciate her allowing us to visit her place. We are finishing our last review and hopefully will have that reveal completed shortly and posted on the website.

Which brings us to I sit, earphones in place, and starting the review of the Crystal Grill. 4 recorders, each with 8 hours of audio. Hundreds of photos, and 3 hours of video to sift through. And this is typical of each investigation. So as I listen to our conversations, I am thinking of what it takes to be a paranormal investigator, and it all ain't just chasing ghosts.

First, there is the actual review of evidence. 32 hours of audio alone...and factor into that the rest of what we do. The pictures, the video, the DVR system review.
One client has asked us to host an event next year, one which will require a lot of planning and work but which can turn out to be a great thing, for both the client and ourselves.
And than there is the repeat event which we would like to do twice in 2013.
And we are planning to host 2 events where we give back to the community, hopefully details will be out soon after the first of the year.
Add into that the investigations which we will be doing, the research that is necessary to correctly do for the clients as we feel we should.
The actual investigations themselves.
The group trip we hope to be able to take.
Any additional projects that we come into.
The time spent on working on the website and maintaining the social media networks, where we can network with fellow investigators and share ideas.
The holidays and vacations with our families.
And, of course, the job which pays the bills and allows us to support our families and pay for our investigations.

As you can see, being an investigator, dedicated to the task, requires many more hours than just showing up and walking around in the dark. These we do to do the absolute best we can for our clients. To try to develop ideas which will help advance the field of the paranormal. To try to move this field into the world of science, where it can further develop and grow.
You may call us aggressive, but we consider ourselves professionals, and therefore try to do the best we can with each investigation. If you only do something half-effort, than why even bother? This is a field that is very expensive and time consuming to only put half an effort into it. So the next time you want to say something negative about a team pushing forward, remember...if you can't run with the big dogs, get under the porch...the porch is too crowded already as it is.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why Do We Keep Doing This

Good evening everyone! We hope that everyone had a great Halloween, had lots of treats to give out, and enjoyed seeing all the ghosts, goblins, spidermen, and princesses that were out and about.
Now that this holiday is past us, we concentrate on the remainder of the year. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, and we all need to really reflect on the blessings we have received during this year. And to be especially thankful for all the "non-property" blessings we have...our family and friends. No amount of money can be placed on the people who make your life complete.

We continue to be busy! Still working on the website. One team member has had computer problems, so waiting for him to get it back up and running so he can submit his evidence. And with the amount of investigations we completed in October, have been spending a lot of time doing reviews as well as the investigations themselves. Please bear with us, cause the next update will be a huge one!
Another investigation this week, as well as one the following week. Still working on finalizing some upcoming investigations, which might happen in December if the weather holds...and 2013 stands to be an amazing year for our team.

But as we continue these investigations, we can not discount all the things that are happening in the paranormal world. Seems everywhere you go, people are slamming other teams and individual persons. And for what reason? And with all the negative remarks, why do we, or any team, continue to work in this field? We never charge for our services, so the entire expense of traveling to a location comes from our pockets. We spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, entirely from our pockets. And lets not forget the amount of money we spend on batteries! We don't have sponsors or people who give us equipment to try out...we buy it from the store or from dealers, all with money we make from our jobs. As we have said in the past, we are not in this for the "glory" or "fame" and will never be recognized outside of our own little area.
So why do we continue to spend our hard earned money, spend time away from our family, travel sometimes hundreds of miles, sit in a dark area, sometimes in a cold room, to try to talk to spirits which may or may not be present. Wouldn't it just be easier to be sitting at home on a Saturday night, feet up in the recliner, with a soda in one hand and the remote control to the TV in the other? Bright lights, warm room, and a bathroom a few steps away. Often, this sounds so much better than doing what we do. And no one is going to accuse us of anything when we stay in our own houses and veg out in front of the noise box. So why don't we do this?

We know the answer to this question, but sometimes it takes an event to remind us of the reason we continue to do this job..
We recently investigated a private residence where the homeowners had frequent experiences which frightened them. They have small children who are being scared in their own home. And they wanted some answers. So off we go, again on a Saturday night, miles from our home, to set up in this residence. We placed all of our equipment out, talked to the homeowner, and than went "lights out" to start the investigation. And during the night, we listened to the responses from our Ovilus and our Spirit, how these work is debatable. And we all know you can get words that make no sense to us. But on this night, we listened and we could see the homeowner relate to the words and names that came from the box. And we saw the homeowner become more comfortable with the spirits that seem to exist in the home. And when we left, the homeowner expressed feeling so much more comfortable in the home. Words like "safe" and "happy" made the homeowner feel that whatever was in the home was comfortable there and not harmful. And we left knowing that we did make a difference in this family's life. We are still reviewing the evidence. But whether we capture any EVPs or not, we know that our investigation did help ease the minds of these homeowners. And THAT is why we continue to do this.
So this weekend we will once again leave our warm homes, drive miles away, and spend hours sitting in the dark talking to someone that might not be there. We will spend hours reviewing our recorders and sorting through hundreds of photos that we will take during the night. We will drive back home when we are tired and grab a few hours sleep, to get up and have a normal Sunday with our family. And when we log back online, we will read the comments that persons and teams are making towards other persons and teams..and we know that, even though it is costly to us, we will continue to do what we have a passion to do....because helping is what it is all about.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Almost The Witching Hour!

Welcome to all our ghosty friends...and those not so ghosty. We hope that everyone is having a wonderful fall. The temperatures here are up and down, but today not so bad. We pray that everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy is and stays safe. Mother Nature is nothing to mess with. She makes herself known in the worst way sometimes.
Here, we have had a red hot fall. We wish to thank Quincy Books in the Quincy Mall for allowing us to host the book signing. And to Larry Wilson, we thank you for coming out for this event. To Donna and the rest of the Villa Kathrine, we thank you for allowing us to have a gathering in your wonderful building. To Larry and Kae, thank you for participating in this event. And to all of our guests, thanks so much for the kind words, and for coming out to play with us that night. We hope to repeat this event again really soon. Thanks to all of you, we were able to donate money towards the upkeep of the Castle, so it will long remain a wonderful part of Quincy.
We have recently hosted a couple of investigation events...we enjoyed doing these and plan to do more in the future as well. Still sorting through the evidence, and hope to have these placed on the website within a few more days.
Another investigation this weekend, and again in 2 weeks. A chance to help, and another chance to visit a location which is becoming another favorite of ours. We thank each and every one of our clients for allowing us into their homes and places of business. We strive to do the best possible job, and appreciate your faith in our team.

Well, it is almost time for one of the most popular holidays...Halloween. That time when the veil thins between this world and the other, when ghosts and goblins are said to be able to roam this earth. Many in spiderman, cowboy, and witch costumes. We enjoy watching the kids dress up and go from house to house, repeating a tradition that we, ourselves, enjoyed when we were smaller. We hope every parent and child has fun, but stays safe. One of the most fun days can easily become a frightening night, if everyone isn't careful. So please be mindful of the small ones, they only want to have fun and don't always think about things such as traffic.

But what about Halloween? Do you think the spirits are more active on these nights? Halloween goes way back 2000 years, possibly to the Celtic tradition of dressing in costume and lighting bonfires to ward off roaming ghosts (they believed that the ghosts of the dead walked the earth on October 31.) . Pope Gregory III in the 8th century designated  November 1 as a day to celebrate all saints and martyrs, otherwise known as All Saints Day. October 31 became known as All Hallows Eve. Other traditions have evolved into the ones we see today. From the "Jack O Lantern" to the "tricking or treating" each can be traced back to a custom found in an earlier century, and even sometimes in a different country. All combined, we have the celebration we so enjoy today.
So, is the veil thinner on Halloween? Do the presence of our spooks cause an increase in ghosts on this earth? Are you more apt to run into one of these unearthly beings on this night? And, will you even know for sure which is the real ghost and which is the fun one? Do dopplegangers really exist, and could you possibly see one on this night? We don't know for sure...but it sure makes for something to think about when next your door bell rings.....Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Paranormal Unity?

Good morning everyone! I know it has been a long time since we have posted a blog, but with the investigations and the website, we have remained very busy. Hopefully we can do a better job of keeping you updated with our events and well as our thoughts!

We have been very busy the last few months with investigations. And that will continue for the next few months. But if you have a need, just give us a call. We will talk, and if you need us quickly, will work with you to meet your needs. You are, after all, our most important concern.

This month is a busy one. We have an upcoming investigation this weekend, that we are very excited about. Next weekend, October 20th, we are hosting two events. Larry Wilson, an author regarding the Paranormal, will be at Quincy Books in the Quincy Mall, for a book signing from 2-4. We are very happy to be able to host this event, to promote local authors, and to help promote a friend of ours. He has a new book due out soon, so hope to get some details about that one as well. In the evening, we are joining with the Villa Kathrine to host an event at the Villa. You will get to meet our team, hear presentations from Larry and Kae, see some history of our team, and than end the night with a lights-out investigation of this historic building. Perfect night, especially this close to Halloween. Please come out to meet Larry and than stay for the event! You won't be disappointed.

Paranormal unity are words that many of the teams talk about and think would be a great idea. Il-Mo Entity Trackers agree that this would be something which would benefit the world of the Paranormal. But is it really something that can happen? Shouldn't we all work to help the field? Or do we have the right to keep everything to ourselves, and therefore not benefiting any others? Will we ever be able to get along and work together? If you follow most teams, they all agree that it should happen, but the fact is that it probably won't. Too many teams have their own agenda, and it isn't helping the field. So maybe we should aim for something different that has been discussed. Paranormal Respect.

Lets face it, few of us are ever going to be famous. Some will be known inside this field, many will make advances that helps make this something beyond an expensive hobby. But outside our own sphere, few of us will ever be a name that will be remembered. There are a few...Zak, Nick, Aaron and the GAC group; Jason, Grant, and the TAPS team; Philip and Christopher Booth and the Spooked TV network. Some such as Larry Wilson, Sandy Wells, Dan Norvell, and Keith Age have left their marks in the world of written words, which will remain long after they stop investigating the Paranormal. But most teams will investigate, and eventually fade out due to lack of interest, or just life in general.

What everyone needs to do is to realize that it is more important to be famous among your family and friends. To have someone love you because of the kind of person you are, to be willing to help others and think about them more than yourself. To be remembered because of the respect you showed to family and friends. Respect..such a large thing for such a small word. Or is it small. And is it something we need to strive for in this world we work so hard to push into a science.

No one is an expert. This is mostly a field that is listed as a hobby. There are no fast and set rules. No one knows it all. And without teams respecting each other, this is how it will remain. How do you respect other teams? That is them the courtesy that you would like to receive. Unless a building belongs to you, it is not yours. Just because another team investigates a place does not mean that you shouldn't also do an investigation, if you can obtain permission. Just because your team didn't get any evidence and another team did, does not mean that that other team faked anything. If you don't agree with something that is posted, why can't you have an intelligent conversation about it instead of putting that team down. If you can't do that, stay out of the conversation. And teams, if you put something out there, be prepared for others to deny what it is as quickly as you want to defend what you post. It is about having opinions...but it is about being professional as well. If this field wants to progess, we all need to act as professionals. To act as if you are talking to a close friend or family member instead of a faceless person. To talk as if you were in front of that person instead of behind a computer screen. To remember that that person is just trying the best they can to do what they believe in, just as you are doing the best you can for the same reason.

So instead of slamming another person or team, take a step back and really listen to that person or team. We all can learn from others. We all have the right to conduct our investigations as we wish to and to interpret our evidence. Learn to work together with other teams. Promote the field instead of tearing it apart. When this happens, we will all benefit. No, we won't have a television program, we won't have a best-selling novel, and we won't have our names known world-wide. But we will all have had a hand in moving this field out of the hobby phase, helping to create a more scientific area of study, and in helping those that need it the most, our clients. And isn't that why we really need to be involved in this anyway?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome To Il-Mo!

Good morning and welcome to the initial blog for Il-Mo. Let me introduce us. We are Illinois Missouri Entity Trackers, Il-Mo Entity Trackers on the web, and Il-Mo for short. We have come together to form this team because dealing with other teams just wasn't working out. Our members have previously been with several teams, and the combination just didn't work. Different ideas, different principles, different work ethics..they all combined to just not make it a workable situation. So we decided to join forces and create the site you are viewing today. It is just in production right now, but give us a few months and the website will be up and running full speed! But we are hitting the ground running right now. So if you need an investigation, or just want to talk about what is happening in your home or business, please drop us a line and we will return your email just as soon as possible.

This has been a very trying week. With regrouping, and getting the website up, a lot of stress. Some of that is gone now, some will remain for a while, but in the end it will all work out. We have several places we are looking into regarding doing an investigation. We are pushing forward with our big plans for October, more on that in the near future, and as always we are continuing our networking with others in the paranormal field. The sharing of information can only help the advancement in this field, and with advancements all will benefit.

The weather has started to cool a bit, but the rain is still evasive most of the time. How has the weather conditions hindered/helped your evidence collection? With us, it hasn't really seemed to make a difference, but we will keep checking into it.

Not much else right now, just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you know that we are back, better than ever! So please stop to say hi, or send us an email. You can follow us on facebook, twitter, and pinterest (Teri is so good!) plus there is a link to contact the group. The members page will be set up shortly, and each member will also have a contact address. To those that have been following us, we say thanks, and we hope you like the changes that are occuring now. We know it will make our team stronger and better able to assist you if needed. And to our new friends, we say Welcome! We hope you come along often for the ride and have a great time! Until next time, stay safe and have a wonderful day!