Monday, December 24, 2012

The Night Before Christmas

Where has the year gone? It seems like it has flown by, and it definitely has been a very busy one for our team.  There has been ups and downs, but we have survived and done the best we could to rise above the conflicts. And we all survived the end of the world!!!!!

We still have 2 investigations to get through evidence. Life just keeps getting in the way, and making it hard to find the time to get together as a team to do this. But hopefully after the first of the year, when things slow down a bit, we will get this done. But be sure to stop by and see what we have gotten accomplished this year. We are very proud of it. And we keep looking into places and events for the coming year. It is going to be a wonderful year, and you won't want to miss it!

This time of year makes people think about the ones around them, and the ones that have already gone on. The season is not about what you can get, but rather about what you can give. Be it a gift, a smile, a surprise telephone call, or even just a hug, giving of ones self is the greatest gift one can present to people. Pick up someone's dinner tab, drop an extra bill in the kettle, support the local food pantry, or help someone out at the gas will make an impact on someone's life, even if you may never actually see it. The Season has a meaning, and it is the love that you show others...and the joy you can bring to someone else in your life. So hug your family a bit extra this year, be grateful for what you have, and remember those less will make the Season even better!

Remembering Christmas past causes one to remember those that have departed. And do you ever wonder if they drop back in to see what you are doing during this wonderful time of the year? They used to say that, at midnight, you can hear the animals talking. Have you ever stayed up to see if that happened? I must confess, I have tried, but always managed to fall asleep. But is it possible? And is it also possible for the spirits to walk this night as well. Have you ever been sitting, looking at the tree and feel that rush of air next to your cheek? Could it be your Grandmother, or Great-Grandmother dropping in to let you know that they remember you? That twinkle of the lights that just calls to mind your Aunt, you know, the one that used to bake cookies with you. Did she just whisper in your ear and tell you she loves you? Did you ever reach to rub your ear when you were in that half-sleep/half-awake state...could that have been your favorite dog giving you another kiss?

We spend our time looking for the paranormal, trying to find evidence to show that spirits do exist. Maybe, just maybe, they are also trying to tell us that they do, but in a different way than we have become used to. Maybe they miss the celebrations and want to be apart of them once again. Maybe they miss the cookies, and the turkey, and the brightly lit tree. And maybe they miss us just as much as we miss them. So this year, when you have one of those strange things happen that you can just not explain, remember who it might be, and tell them that you miss will make their day as much as it will make yours.

From our team, our friends, our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas...and hope for you the best the Season has to offer. Blessings on you and yours, and we wish for you a wonderful new year!