Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Leaves, Another Steps Up

It is just a few hours away, and for us all, we wonder what will happen in the new year. Have you made your resolutions yet? For many of us, they are usually the loose weight, to make more money, to spend more time with family and friends. We go into the year with high hopes, and they sometimes last and they sometimes don't. But at least we tried! What are your resolutions this year?

As the old year gets ready to end, we take the time to reflect on the months that are past. Were they good ones? Productive ones? Not so good ones? For each of us, the answer will be different. But for all, they make up who we are, as a person and as a team.

For our team, it was once again a year of change. We added new team members, had the chance to investigate new locations, made new friends, and renewed old friendships. We managed to survive the cold of Ashmore and achieved more results than we thought possible. We did return investigations to several locations, all of which were a lot of fun. We laughed, ate, laughed some more, and had a good time doing something which we so love to do. We continued to learn with each new investigation, added some new equipment, and learned more about each other on our team.

Not everything was good though. We did have a team member who just didn't have enough time to devote to this endeavor, and he has stepped back for a while. And just recently, one of our team members has become very sick, and our thoughts and prayers are with him.

So what will we look forward to in the new year? Continuing to grow as a team. We already have a couple of investigations lined up, including a return to Ashmore. We plan to see if the spirits will be as active when it isn't freezing! Plus a new location which we look forward to checking out. We have a planned activity which, if it works out, will really gel us as a team. We are working on some other investigations into new locations. We will, of course, be available to help those that contact us with a need. We hope there will be some more new equipment, good food to eat, and some really fun times. Did I mention some more days filled with laughter and good times? Because without that, this becomes work, and not something that we enjoy.

We hope for each of you a year filled with good times, happiness, and time spent with family and friends. We all hope to catch that piece of evidence which will set the paranormal world on its ear! And we hope that we are all able to help those in need. It is our sincere wish that we can meet a lot of you in the new year, and continue to develop our relationships as well as friendships with others that enjoy this crazy world of the paranormal.

We hope that you all have a safe night of celebrating, because we really want to first meet you in this world, not the afterworld!

So as we prepare to leave 2014 behind, we say thank you for the memories. As for 2015...bring it on! Because the next year is gonna rock! And we are so ready for the challenges it will bring.

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