Saturday, November 29, 2014

Its Been A While

Today, someone made the comment that it had been a year since our last blog. And in looking, we find that it has been almost a year. 11 months. Much too long of a time between writing. And as we sit here thinking of the reason, well it is very clear. Time, it seems, is speeding along faster than we would like for it to. The sun comes up and it sets, and one day turns into the next. And the things which we must do to survive this thing called life takes the lead. And the things we want to do get pushed towards the back. Work, family, the seasons, and yes even paranormal investigations all add up to sometimes too many hours which you try to cram into those 60 minutes which make up each hour, and those 24 hours which make up each day. The song says there is "too much month at the end of the money." Sometimes for us, there are too many jobs at the end of the day. And after working, and cooking, and cleaning, and reading stories to the children as we tuck them into bed just doesn't leave enough energy for sitting down and writing words onto the screen. But there is more than just that. A blank mind.

Recently, one of our team members said to someone that they work with, "say what you mean and mean what you say." It isn't enough just to put words on the paper. The words have to mean something, to you and to others. Filling up a page with random words which go no where means, well, exactly nothing. Sit in front of the screen and nothing useful comes to mind. And the screen remains blank. But there comes a time when the thoughts just jump into the mind, and well, those are the times that the words just seem to flow. And, my friends, this is the night.

The world has been a bit crazy lately. The threats to our nation and even our state are very real. And one just never knows where things will be tomorrow. And with this, the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year, often insecurity tends to cloud our hopes and our dreams. Will we be able to heat the house this winter? Can we pay the taxes on time? Will our jobs be here with the new year? Will we be able to give our kids a nice Christmas? And even though we are not about to minimize these worries, we need to stop and think about all the good that we have in our lives. Our family, our friends, our jobs, and the hope that the next year will be a great one. And the pleasure of doing something which we so enjoy doing, and helping others in the process.

We had a team meeting today. To be able to get together with others and discuss things. To eat too much, laugh a lot, argue a bit, and talk about what we want in the future for, not only ourselves, but for our team. This past year has been yet another building one. We have added members, and had a few that just do not have the time to give what is necessary to the team. We have visited some fantastic places! We have done a final investigation at a location which is closing. We even froze together at the wonderful location of Ashmore Estates. We have worked with other teams, shared ideas and thoughts, and worked on making our team stronger. And we don't intend to stop now.

We have some solid plans for next year. We have some tentative plans for next year. And we have some plans which probably won't go off at all for next year. We have some things we plan to try, and we might just end up falling on our face. Or we might just manage to soar high. We might catch the "holy grail" of paranormal, or we might sit for hours in a dark building listening to only our stomachs talk to us. But the important thing...we will be doing something that we love to do. With people we enjoy spending time with. This "hobby" isn't for the faint of heart. It takes dedication (who really enjoys sitting listening for hours to the hum of a recorder,) missing events others are able to attend (you really didn't want a piece of cake anyway, did you?) having less money in your pocket (batteries do add up!) and having people tell you that you shouldn't "mess with" the unknown. But see, that is what makes this all so great. Not knowing what will happen, what results you will get. But knowing that, through it all, you will be doing something that you enjoy doing with people who feel the same way you do. And we, along with so many others in this field, will continue to sit in the dark, talking to someone who we can't see...for just as long as we are able. And than will get together to plan yet another outing where we will repeat the process over again and again.

So we hope that you enjoy your time spent among family and friends. Eat some good food, laugh a lot, remember those less fortunate, and be thankful for all the blessings you have been given. And....we will try to get back with you a lot sooner than 11 months next time!

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