Monday, November 19, 2012

It ain't just chasing ghosts

Good morning to all. It is getting close to Turkey Day, and we wanted to take the time to give thanks for what we have received. To all of our friends and family, thank you for understanding our commitment to this endeavor. We know that we spend thousands of hours doing what we love, talking about what we do, and spending time away from those that matter to us. And we have your understanding in all of this. To our fellow investigators, we thank you for the time spent networking with us, for bouncing ideas off of you and you of us, and for taking the time to get to know us and allow us to know you. And above all, we thank the Creator for giving us all the blessings we have. So on Thursday, spend a bit of time remembering just what you have to be thankful for, and give an extra hug to all those that you have near you and a prayer for all those that have already gone on.

We have remained very busy lately. Did an investigation at the Crystal Grill over the weekend. April is a wonderful person and we appreciate her allowing us to visit her place. We are finishing our last review and hopefully will have that reveal completed shortly and posted on the website.

Which brings us to I sit, earphones in place, and starting the review of the Crystal Grill. 4 recorders, each with 8 hours of audio. Hundreds of photos, and 3 hours of video to sift through. And this is typical of each investigation. So as I listen to our conversations, I am thinking of what it takes to be a paranormal investigator, and it all ain't just chasing ghosts.

First, there is the actual review of evidence. 32 hours of audio alone...and factor into that the rest of what we do. The pictures, the video, the DVR system review.
One client has asked us to host an event next year, one which will require a lot of planning and work but which can turn out to be a great thing, for both the client and ourselves.
And than there is the repeat event which we would like to do twice in 2013.
And we are planning to host 2 events where we give back to the community, hopefully details will be out soon after the first of the year.
Add into that the investigations which we will be doing, the research that is necessary to correctly do for the clients as we feel we should.
The actual investigations themselves.
The group trip we hope to be able to take.
Any additional projects that we come into.
The time spent on working on the website and maintaining the social media networks, where we can network with fellow investigators and share ideas.
The holidays and vacations with our families.
And, of course, the job which pays the bills and allows us to support our families and pay for our investigations.

As you can see, being an investigator, dedicated to the task, requires many more hours than just showing up and walking around in the dark. These we do to do the absolute best we can for our clients. To try to develop ideas which will help advance the field of the paranormal. To try to move this field into the world of science, where it can further develop and grow.
You may call us aggressive, but we consider ourselves professionals, and therefore try to do the best we can with each investigation. If you only do something half-effort, than why even bother? This is a field that is very expensive and time consuming to only put half an effort into it. So the next time you want to say something negative about a team pushing forward, remember...if you can't run with the big dogs, get under the porch...the porch is too crowded already as it is.

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